Installation exhibited at Secret Garden Party || July 2013
Commissioned by Secret Arts

Expanding Horizons was designed in response to a superstition themed brief. It was commissioned by Secret Arts and was exhibited at Secret Garden Party 2013.

This playful and perception warping pavilion was a new and unique take on the classic “Hall of Mirrors” - however these contorted mirrors changed shape! By doing so they distorted, magnified and re-focused the festival goers and the environment around them. Sitting on a prominent and central ridge in the festival landscape, they literally provided an animated focal point!

BAT Studio has been undertaking research in developing animate mirrors this way for several years. Thin mirrored film is tensioned over an air tight chamber, air is then pumped into or out of the chamber to transform the mirror from convex to concave.

In this, our largest mirrored installation to date, each of the opposing mirrors was inflating and deflating on different rhythms. This caused their patterns to syncopate and for the multiple reflections in the “infinity” effect to move back and forth in mind boggling ways! This was very successful and created dynamic, mysterious and exciting spaces in between the mirrors.

There were many reactions to the piece. A common sight was people approaching the mirrors to check their appearance before suddenly realising the reflections were moving! Other festival goers would stare, or touch the film and further distort the reflections of them and their surroundings.

The mirrors offered an alternative perception of space around the installation and the surrounding festival, reflecting and reframing both the festival goers and their environment. The unique visual experience this offered had a range of affects on different observers, especially on the more enthusiastic visitors!

We hope that for many who experienced it, the installations created a sense of personal reflection by altering observers visual perception of themselves in the midst of the festival, or simply that people just enjoyed it!